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New fully enclosed self-loading sweeper MN-E800LD specifications

Product Category: Driving sweeper

product Overview:

Application area

MN-E800LD New Fully-enclosed Dump Sweeper The new fully-enclosed sweeper uses a closed cab and is suitable for use in cold and harsh environments.

Product advantages
  1. Fully automatic waste dumping system is equipped with three-position four-way hydraulic valve, hydraulic work station, hydraulic oil cylinder, etc.
 2.Hydraulic self-unloading system improves working efficiency, fully automatic operation, safe and reliable.
 3. Powered by 48V lithium battery pack or maintenance-free battery pack, energy saving and environmental protection, longer continuous use time.
 4.Optimize the filtering system, the filtering area is larger, and the suction capacity is stronger.
 5. The drive system is installed on the top to increase the volume of the bin.
 6. The double door design of the cab, both doors can be opened and closed independently.
 7. The glass of the cab adopts a hyperbolic and streamlined design, and the interior is equipped with sunshades.
 8. Automobile painting process, automobile tempered glass, elegant and beautiful vehicle.
 9. Touchable large-size color LCD display, side brush, main brush, fan, etc. can be individually controlled, and the human-machine friendly bus has strong anti-interference ability. 

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