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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, the common troubleshooting method of automatic washing machine

1.No water absorption

First check if the suction motor is working properly:

A: If the motor works normally, ① check whether the drainage pipe is blocked; ② whether the suction hose is blocked; ③ whether the sewage tank top cover is properly closed; ④ whether the suction head is blocked; ⑤ check the sewage tank protection device.

B: If the motor does not work normally, ① check the safety device; ② check the suction motor switch and the suction motor.

2. The water absorption effect is not good

① The suction pipe is blocked; ② The suction squeegee is blocked; ③ Adjust the suction squeegee angle; ④ There is garbage jam under the squeegee strip; ⑤ The squeegee strip is damaged.

3.No water

① Check whether the water volume regulating valve is closed; ② Check the solenoid valve switch; ③ Check whether the drain port of the fresh water tank is blocked; ④ Check whether the solenoid valve is broken.

4, small amount of water

① Check whether the water volume adjustment valve is adjusted to the optimal position; ② Whether the sewage outlet of the fresh water tank is blocked; ③ Whether the solenoid valve is blocked

5. Leaking brushes

① The solenoid valve is clogged with foreign matter, so it will not close properly.

Second, the precautions when using fully automatic floor washing machine

(1) Discharge the sewage frequently to ensure that the sewage is not sucked into the motor;

(2) Do not add too much water to the clean water tank each time you wash it. Do not add washing powder, detergent, detergent and other non-dissolvable washing supplies in the clean water tank to avoid clogging;

(3) After using a box of fresh water each time, you must drain the sewage tank and add fresh water to prevent water from the suction motor. (4) Fully automatic floor scrubbers are not suitable for wasteland cleaning and separate vacuuming. jobs.

(5) When using the battery, be sure to charge it as much as possible after use, in order to extend the battery life.


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