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Lumeibao hand-washing machine S510B

Product category: Hand-push washing machine

product Overview:

Application area

LUROB S510B hand-pushing washing machine series provides solutions for industrial and commercial floor cleaning , suitable for industrial and commercial environment floors, such as epoxy resin floors, painted floors, concrete, tile floors, etc., to efficiently complete production workshops , warehouses, logistics Floor cleaning of centers, hospitals , supermarkets, etc. Sewage recovery is completed while cleaning!

S510B scrubber is light, flexible and easy to operate, suitable for use in 500-2000㎡

Product advantages

1.Battery-type washing machine, small model, unlimited range of activity, easy to operate.
2.Push button switch design, with red and green indicator lights, pictographic function pattern, easy to use, low training cost and lower maintenance cost.
3. Reinforced water tank design, and provide water cup trough for the operator.
4.Electromagnetic valves are installed in the water supply system to effectively prevent leakage.
5. Use group brushes to replace traditional water-retaining skirts for longer life.
6.Gear transmission.
7.Raise and lower the brush tray and squeegee by two simple lifting rods.
8.The oversized water injection port can realize rapid water injection.
9.The filter screen can prevent sewage from entering the vacuum motor.
10. The squeegee is easy to load and unload. It automatically falls off when encountering obstacles, which can protect the squeegee and help the machine to pass smoothly.

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