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Pure suction electric sweeper MN-X1800

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Pure suction electric sweeper MN-X1800

Product Category: Sweeper

product Overview:

Application area

MN-X1800 new electric sweeper. Equipped with 240L standard trash bin, easy to replace and convenient to dump garbage. The side brush is equipped with an anti-collision device. The rear part is equipped with a portable movable suction port, which is convenient for collecting gap garbage such as road teeth and car bottom. Optional high-pressure flushing device can easily clean up the road psoriasis advertisements, oil stains, etc.

Product advantages
1. The vehicle adopts a lightweight design scheme, with the overall battery pack as the power, high integration of the battery pack, and small space occupation;
2. The "three-proof" level of the battery pack is improved, and the stability is high;
3. Easy to install and maintain, easy to recall battery information.
4. It adopts electric power steering, the turning radius of the whole vehicle is small, and the walking system adopts AC frequency conversion motor.
5. Equipped with color LCD monitor, you can observe the condition of the car when cleaning and reversing.
6. During the cleaning operation, the roof safety warning lights and rear safety guidance lights flash at the same time to prompt pedestrians and driving avoidance.
7. The suction system uses an AC variable frequency motor, which can adjust the speed according to the road conditions.
8. The front end is equipped with a movable rocker side brush, which is convenient for cleaning the roadside and roadbed.
9. Automatic alarm prompt when the trash is full. It is convenient for the staff to replace the trash in time.
10. Optional air conditioner;
11. Optional high pressure flushing device.

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