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Battery type industrial vacuum cleaner D70

Product Category: Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

product Overview:

Performance characteristics:
1. This machine adopts 24V DC wet and dry motor, which can be used for dust absorption and water absorption.
2.1500W super strong suction force to meet the vacuuming needs of various industries.
3. The motor is started separately, which can extend the use time for a limited time and has a high working efficiency.
4. This machine adopts dumping dust bucket, which is quick and convenient for dumping garbage.
5.Using large battery, 120AH capacity, free control of working hours.
6. The whole machine is made of metal materials, which is durable, wear-resistant and equipped with: (Heavy duty polyurethane brake casters)
7. Equipped with high-efficiency filter, which can effectively extend the working time, and the exhaust air with a filtration accuracy of 0.2um can reach 99.99% clean.
8. To meet the general cleaning working time requirements, equipped with a quality charger, the charging time can be fully charged in 6-8 hours.

Detailed Introduction

Wood processing, food processing, mechanical processing, medicine and chemical industry, paper processing, vehicle manufacturing, surface treatment, packaging, construction, glass, ceramics, textile, lithium battery, PCB processing, cleaning , warehouse, square, suburb, property , underground garage And other industries.











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