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Driving type sweeper MN-E800W

Product Category: Driving sweeper

product Overview:

Application area

MN-E800W sweeping machine is an automatic cleaning all-in-one machine that combines dust collection , sweeping and water spraying. It is mostly used in outdoor environments. It is mainly used for outdoor cleaning of parks, sanitation, cleaning companies , property management companies, squares and universities.

Product advantages
1. Increased chassis design, high work efficiency, solid tires, easy passage of speed reduction belts, good vehicle passability.
2. Large dust filter can completely clean the dust, and the electric vibrator can clean the filter automatically.
3. Equipped with high - performance maintenance-free storage battery, no leakage, no harmful gas.
4. With cleaning and throwing technology, the utilization rate of dust box is high.
5. Full LED headlights and high-pressure atomizing dust reduction system to avoid secondary dust.
6. electronic control system has over-current and under-voltage protection, which is safer; the driving system has the functions of anti-overspeed on downhill and anti-slide on slope.
7. Configure "Car Alliance Information Platform". Through the vehicle data automatic acquisition system, the vehicle real-time operation data is collected.
8. The vehicle provides vehicle insurance with a sum of not less than 60,000.
9. The shell of the sweeper is rotomolded and the whole molding is made of food-grade raw materials imported from the United States, LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene). No paint is needed, the shell has high strength, good toughness, matte anti-ultraviolet, non-embrittlement, non-toxic and odorless, corrosion resistance, shock resistance and impact resistance (even if it is encountered, it will not change).
10, with front windshield, and equipped with wipers.

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