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Lumeibo driving scrubber A32

Product Category: Driving scrubber

product Overview:

The A32 driving scrubber is a new product of the LUROB series. It is cost-effective and suitable for many types of floor cleaning tasks. It can cooperate with different pads and other accessories to meet different types of floor cleaning needs.

A32 driving scrubber is suitable for use in 6000-20000m2 places.

  • 1-Automatic brush tray suction lift does not need manual operation.
  • 2- Add clear water tank and sewage tank indicator lights, no need to get off the vehicle to check when working. Automatically lit when the water tank is empty and the sewage tank is full
  • 3- Water suction motor delay function. After the cleaning is stopped, the suction motor is delayed for a few seconds and then stopped to collect the remaining water on the ground more cleanly.
  • 4- Speed can be adjusted freely.
  • 5-The squeegee is easy to load and unload, it will fall off automatically when it encounters an obstacle, which can protect the squeegee and help the machine to pass smoothly.
  • 6- Maintenance - free battery to ensure continuous working hours.
  • 7- Smart charger, can be used in different voltage environments.
  • 8-High quality floor brush, polyamide brush wire, flexible and wear-resistant, good resilience.
  • 9-thickened water-absorbing adhesive tape: PU material oil-resistant water-absorbing adhesive tape, rubber material wear-resistant water-absorbing adhesive tape

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