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Lumeibo driving scrubber R510B

Product Category: Driving scrubber

product Overview:

Application area
The R510B driving scrubber has a working efficiency of up to 2500 square meters per hour and is suitable for use in places of 5000-10000 square meters, such as shopping centers, logistics warehouses, production workshops , canteens, schools, underground parking lots and other ground uses.
1- Raise and lower the brush tray and squeegee with two simple lifting rods.
2-Two water injection port design: the large water injection port can achieve rapid water injection, and the small water injection port is suitable for places far from the water source
3- Equipped with water quantity display, which can directly observe the change of water level.
4- Strainer prevents sewage from entering the vacuum motor.
5- Small tool box for everyday tools.
6-The sewage tank is easy to clean . Silent design, suitable for sound-sensitive environments, such as offices, nursing homes, hospitals .
7- Does not affect the environment and the people who live in it.
8- The squeegee is easy to load and unload, it will fall off automatically when encountering obstacles, which can protect the squeegee and help the machine to pass smoothly.

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