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Development History

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Company History

Growth of Chengdu Green Insurance from 2003 to 2019

Chengdu Lubao's growth from 2003 to 2017

Green Insurance Company was formally established in 2003

In 2004, Lubao Company established a cleaning equipment sales store in Chengdu

In 2005, it cooperated with well-known global manufacturers such as the United States and Italy, and the product sales area expanded rapidly.

In 2006, the green insurance company first entered hotels, property companies, industrial factories, and retail stores in the western region, and quickly expanded its market.

In 2007, Lvbao entered the stone industry cleaning equipment and quickly occupied the market.

In 2008, Lvbao integrated customer resources and took the lead in launching clean product integration services.

In 2009, Lvbao integrated the service system and launched the "gold medal service" concept to provide customers with high-end experiences that exceed value.

First to set up the first one-stop 4S showroom for cleaning equipment in the western region in 2010

Entered the sweeper market in 2011 .

In 2012, fruitful results were achieved in the field of e-commerce, with sales networks all over the central and western regions.

On the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Green Insurance Company in 2013 , a new starting point, starting a new business, and working hand in hand.

In 2014, we created our own brand "Lumibao" washing machine series.

In 2015, Lumei washing machine shook the market and quickly occupied the market.

In 2016, Lumei washing machine has taken it to the next level and cooperated with many large sanitation and property companies and factories in Chengdu.

In 2017, we established and improved the "standardization of cleaning procedures."

In 2018, the company name "Chengdu Lubao Cleaning Supplies Company" was upgraded to "Chengdu Lubao Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd.".

In 2019, persist, innovate, and dream, the green insurance people have been working hard ...


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